VirtualBox now no longer blocks upgrading to Windows 11

Users who use VirtualBox, well-known software for creating virtual machines, had been unable until now to proceed with the upgrade to Windows 11, the latest iteration of the home operating system Microsoft. In fact, those who still tried to upgrade were blocked by a message that read: “VirtualBox. Your PC requires the latest version of this application. Click Learn More for more information on how to update this application “. However, the problem also occurred while running the latest version, making it impossible to proceed.

Windows 11
VirtualBox now no longer blocks upgrading to Windows 11

Fortunately, after that Oracle fixed an issue in VirtualBox that caused virtual machine boot failures when Hyper-V or Windows Hypervisor was installed, Microsoft allowed users to upgrade, as long as version 6.1.28 or later is installed on the device of the software. The Redmond company, as reported by colleagues at Bleeping Computer, also added that "if you do not have VirtualBox installed but are receiving the warning, you may have an application that is based on VirtualBox or that has bundled VirtualBox with the inside their installation. If you have applications that use or create VMs or system images, they may need to be updated or uninstalled to remove the block “.

Finally, Microsoft eliminated another annoying Windows 11 installation hang. Recently, the company fixed other issues related to Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers, applications that used non-ASCII characters in registry keys, and abrupt removal of the Serbian language pack.

VirtualBox now no longer blocks upgrading to Windows 11

The Redmond company is also continuing to work on the new Windows Subsystem for Android, which allows you to run Android applications on Windows 11, a particularly useful option for developers. Lately, WSA has come to release 2203.40000.1.0, which supports hardware decoding of H.264 movies and brings other improvements. For more information, we advise you to read our dedicated news.

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