War in Ukraine: CD Projekt RED confirms a large donation

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La War in Ukraine, following the invasion suffered by the Russian army, is holding the whole world with bated breath, including the videogame one: speaking of this, CD Projekt RED, software house that, among other things, has developed titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, has announced that it has donated 1000000 di zloty a favore della Polish Humanitarian Action.

The sum, at the current exchange rate, is around € 215000 and, as mentioned, it was donated to a Polish association that deals with humanitarian assistance. In the past few hours, in fact, many Ukrainian citizens have left their country of origin to take refuge in neighboring countries and Poland is one of those who have been most attacked.

The commitment of CD Projekt RED in favor of the people scourged by War in Ukraine however, it does not stop at donation. On its social channels, in fact, the Polish software house has also invited gamers and private citizens to do the same because, in such a delicate moment, everyone's help is absolutely necessary.

The brief communiqué opens like this: "The recent invasion of Ukraine, our friends and neighbors, has left us shocked and indignant." And then, he continues: "We cannot remain indifferent to such injustice and we ask all of you to help as you can."

The recent invasion on Ukraine, our friends and neighbours, left us shocked and outraged.

In solidarity with all victims of this act of aggression, the CD PROJEKT Group has decided to support humanitarian aid efforts by donating 1 million PLN to the @PAH_org (1/2)

- CD PROJECT RED (@CDPROJEKTRED) February 25, 2022

We are facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster and everyone must, if they can, do their part. Moreover CD Projekt RED it is not the only software house that has taken sides against the insane Russian attack and specifically in favor of the Ukrainian people.

Even the software house 11 bit studios, also from Poland, announced that i profits made on all platforms in the next seven days from the sale of the title This War of Mine, and related DLCs, will be entirely donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

In short, the manifestations of solidarity towards a people exhausted by a senseless war arrive from more sides and gradually become more concrete.

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