War in Ukraine, developers speak: "Help us, the future is uncertain" [UPDATED]

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As unfortunately official, tonight the Russian Federation has declared war on Ukraine, creating a real jolt around the world with the operation, to the point that even the video game industry has suffered a severe blow, as the developers of STALKER 2.

GSC Game World has in fact recently talked about the situation on its Twitter page, explaining how "The future is uncertain", and asking everyone to "Don't step aside and help those in need", also providing the coordinates to support the forces armed forces of Ukraine in order to defend themselves.

Since this is a real war, it is obvious that the citizens of the country are in grave danger, and consequently support is requested from the whole world, obviously hoping that, apart from any kind of political ideology or conflict between states, the situation can end in the best way, with numbers of injuries and deaths as low as possible.

The developers of STALKER 2, apparently quite confident about the war in Ukraine, which unfortunately does not seem to be resolved yet, also talked about how trust their army, and how the country intends to defend itself, inviting the whole world to share this appeal and not to ignore the situation that is taking place and the war officially underway.

The Russian Federation has declared war on Ukraine.
The future is unknown, but we are sure of our Armed Forces and country.
We ask all: do not stand aside and help those in need.

Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
UA843000010000000047330992708 pic.twitter.com/p3pNA8bI8S

— S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OFFICIAL (@stalker_thegame) February 24, 2022

As much as there is talk of staying safe in situations like this, the Ukrainian developer touched the hearts of many community members by also explaining how the country became aware of the explosions and the ongoing attack in the middle of nowhere, also because of the many shots from firearms.

We will see if further developers in the country decide not to step aside and comment on the situation, once again inviting the rest of the world to support all citizens in difficulty because of the situation.

UPDATE - Also Frogswares commented on the situation, let's talk about the developer of Sherlock Holmes, talking about how "Work will be impacted and lives can be destroyed."

We're a peaceful nation, and in all the years since we gained our independence, we've never attacked or threatened anyone.

Because of this situation, our work will be impacted and our lives can be destroyed.

— Frogwares (@Frogwares) February 24, 2022

UPDATE 2 - 4A Games, authors of the Metro series, also responded to the situation by asking for help.


— 4A Games (@4AGames) February 25, 2022

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