War in Ukraine: This War of Mine revenue will help the Red Cross

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Unfortunately, in the last few hours, as if the discomforts related to the pandemic were not enough, a new gray page for history has opened: with an attack, it has officially broken out a war between Russia and Ukraine. During the night there were bombings, and there are already numerous civilian victims.

As human beings it is impossible to remain indifferent to such suffering, and even in the world of video games there is already someone who is mobilizing for solidarity. In this case, we point out the initiative undertaken by the Polish development studio 11 bits studios, which via Twitter has stated that it will help the Ukrainian Red Cross through the sales of its own video game.

According to what you can read, in fact, anyone will buy This War of Mine in the next week, it will go to contribute directly by supporting the victims of the war.

11 bit studios team statement:#FuckTheWar#Ukraine @RedCrossUkraine @Ukraine pic.twitter.com/bVqBlZnR8j

— 11 bit studios (@11bitstudios) February 24, 2022

Here are the words of the study:

For the next seven days, all profits from This War of Mine, all its DLCs, across all stores and platforms, will go to a special fund. For one week from now, the money will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. to directly support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

As you have read, the initiative will include all the platforms where the game is present, and in all its formats, including DLC. The prices of the game they are not even exorbitant, so a small gesture of this kind could be helpful, especially if it is done collectively.

For example, the game on the Steam library is available at approx 5 Euros, while on the PlayStation Store even alone 4 Euros.

War is never a good thing, and in the last few hours it has seen several requests for help, including that of the development studio of STALKER 2. The studio of GSC Game World is in fact from Ukraine, and they declared how uncertain the future is now.

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