War in Ukraine: YouTube also suspends Russian channels

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YouTube, today, he decided to suspend some Russian channels, among which there is also RT, which has relations rather close with the government, preventing them from earning from their presence on the site and from their views.

The Guardian writes it, in an official statement in which it stated that "the ability of a number of channels to monetize on YouTube has been suspended, including several Russian channels linked to recent restrictions and sanctions". The decision was motivated by extraordinary circumstances, namely the current one ongoing war in Ukraine.

Shadlo Art, spokesman for the site, added that RT and other channels will not be accessible. Not just YouTube, but many social platforms have taken the path of restrictions. Facebook e Twitter they are at the top of the list, and have been blocking advertisements and major Russian propaganda channels for hours.

Facebook has blocked Russian channels from monetization, and has launched a "one-click tool" that allows you to block profiles preventing anyone but friends from viewing posts, stories and photos. This tool was launched in Ukraine as a means of support. Furthermore, the social platform has limited four accounts associated with the Russian media, preventing it from being done misinformation against Ukraine.

As for YouTube, the situation is different and clashes with commercial and freedom of expression and information problems. This service is very popular in Russia, where broadcasters also used it to upload their videos and spread the news.

RT has close relations with the Russian government, and several channels in various languages ​​on YouTube. He is often accused of doing propaganda in favor of Vladimir Putin and the causes he carries out, including the invasion of Ukraine, which is continuing amidst rubble and bombing, hour after hour, with both military and civilian deaths. These suspensions are part of a car that aims at isolate Russia and forcing it, with pressure and economic damage, to quickly take diplomatic paths, ceasing fire.

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