Warcraft Archlight Rumble: announced the new Blizzard game for smartphones

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Warcraft Archlight Rumble was, finally, announced by Blizzard. This title has been long awaited by fans and finally, in some time, they will be able to install it on their mobile devices. After World of Warcraft and a host of PC titles, smartphone users will also be able to get their share of this fantastic world.

In truth, even Hearthstone (did you miss our review of the latest expansion? Don't worry, find it here!), The famous and beloved trading card game, has been released on smartphones. This time around, however, Warcraft Archlight Rumble is exclusive to mobile devices. It is, therefore, a real revolution for the series born in 1994, ready to embrace a decidedly larger audience of players, who will look forward in various cases to get their hands on the experience.

Needless to say, this new title embodies all the founding characteristics of the series to which it belongs: fantasy environments, strategic combat and a series of classes to become familiar in the best possible way with this new adventure.

From what we have seen in the course of the presentation, it is a style title Clash of Clans, a famous strategy game developed by the Finnish software house Supercell, which took off in the mid-2010s, although obviously it looks like we're going to be dealing with a completely different kind of experience.

The game will allow you to customize your team with the classic characters and creatures of Blizzard, in particular it will be possible to win gold during the game and these will play to our advantage, producing even more "chaos" in the battlefield.

The Leaders will be the heroes who populate the minion roster which will be over sixty, for the moment the heroes will be dedicated to the best known such as jaina, Leeroy Jenkins, Thrall, Mahiev and many others. Defeat will still come if we lose our main tower and Victory will come by defeating the boss in the upper area of ​​the map (yes, the map is vertical and has several access routes to the final part).

There will be dungeons and daily and weekly activities, it will also be possible to join a reference guild and play in cooperative. It is not clear if a PVP version multiplayer mode will be implemented in the future for now the title seems to be summed up as a single player with cooperative mode. There are over seventy maps to solve. A release date has not yet been revealed, Blizzard invites its audience to keep their guard up because they will soon see some good ones!

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