Warpaws, preview, the endless war between cats and dogs at Gamescom

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The "war"Between dogs and cats is not just a concept that is imagined for what concerns animals, with in fact also all the fans who find themselves choosing between one or the other when they want to add a member of their family. Actually one option in our world does not exclude the other, but what would happen in a world without humans, where do the two races fight for dominance? Here's what the developers of Warpaws, who have in fact thought specifically of a game that pits cats and dogs against each other, and that sees them fight in a real endless war, with differences between the two teams and with users who will obviously have to side with the one they prefer in order to win. We were able to admire a preview of the title published by Fulqrum Publishing during Gamescom 2022 and we want to tell you about it in this article.

Dogs or cats?

Apart from the particularly inspired idea of ​​the conflict between dogs and cats, certainly not innovative, but proposed in an intelligent and quite atypical way for what concerns the world of video games, the Warpaws experience is summarized in a RTS that offers particular mechanics, which certainly will not be unfamiliar to those who love this genre, albeit with some differences. In fact, even those who appreciate this type of experience could find themselves in completely new innovations, specifically designed by the authors (Slipgate ironworks) to put users' focus on action.

In fact, despite being faced with a serious game, users have the opportunity to have fun between strange actions of the protagonists and general nosense, and that is why the possibility that the developers have thought of is to have to deal with a type title easy to learn and hard to master. Therefore, the experience will please those who want healthy fun, and will also satisfy those who are looking specifically for a game that remembers the old classics that are no longer treated, with the simplicity that in fact allows the title to be accessible.

The experience is designed to live an alternative World War II, fought by cats and dogs, with teams that have been balanced by the developers to prevent one choice from being better than the other in terms of gameplay. Nevertheless, as well as different models and artwork, these present differences: despite there are many points of contact, it is easy to see how each of the two has real exclusivity.

The war is on

In Warpaws, to simplify the experience, the authors have thought of do not give users any kind of resource to manage, which as anticipated puts the action at the center of the gameplay with which users have to do, with strategic points on the map to be captured in order to create new units ready to fight and buildings, both resources useful to say the least. in order to be able to prevail. Obviously there are still waiting times to be respected, playing accordingly based on what will be your upgrades in a few minutes.

We can for sure say that Warpaws' experience was certainly not to be underestimated, and that indeed our chat with the developers and what we have seen have been able to put us in front of a really interesting project, on which we can not wait to be able to put our hand in a few time. Soon users will be able to get their hands on the single player campaign, designed more as a tutorial, and on the multiplayer component, undoubtedly the most important for what concerns the general experience. The title will be released in 2023 su PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X/S.

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