Watch Dogs Legion: Ubisoft ready to say enough to the game

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Ubisoft has recently confirmed that the most recent update of Watch Dogs Legion Sara the last one, and that game support will be discontinued, with the exception of a few online events.

Watch Dogs Legion has had a rather difficult and eventful life getting mediocre reviews on one side of the criticism and a welcome negative by fans, who expected a game more focused on the characters (find our video review here).

Despite the most recent DLC introduced Wrench e Aiden in a completely new and unedited storyline, and has rekindled the love of the community and fans, even those who had expressed themselves negatively previously, it seems that this will be the last update that we will see for the Ubisoft title.

The software house confirmed the news in the latest blog post on the Watch Dogs Legion website. The press release started with a look back, towards all the contents released up to this moment on the title starting from the launch, then ending with the confirmation that no new updates are planned and that the game will no longer be supported.

Overall you showed us your DedSec teams, favorite recruits, best game moments, kicked off fan art, cosplay, videos and more, and we loved seeing how passionately our content was received. TU 5.6 was our final final update for Watch Dogs Legion. However, you will still be able to receive reward tracks in online mode, containing both new and previously acquired rewards.

After outlining some of the online content and events that will continue to come supported in the title during the next few months, the message ends with:

The game has come a long way, with plenty of content to explore, from a sprawling city of the near future to an action-packed online mode. We couldn't be more proud of the game we have created and we appreciate all of you who have joined us on this journey.

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