WhatsApp went offline on October 25th, all chats and calls stopped

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Hard revival for Meta di company Mark Zuckerberg, found himself today Tuesday 25 October with his main messaging app, WhatsApp offline. As reported by ahc and the Downdetector site at the time of writing this article, the service is not back online while the main Meta application or Facebook continues to work.

It seems like the service WhatsApp stopped working this morning at around 8:27 and that still does not resume connection although the communication device you are using, whether this is the PC with the desktop application or the mobile phone and finally the tablet, records the message (voice, video or text) and tries to send it constantly to the server that is objectively not responding.

The events are not clear at the moment, most likely it is a global and not a local outage. The consequence in Spain, as the Downdetector website reports is that people are mistakenly reporting breakdowns on their internet line, assuming that the failure to connect to the instant messaging service is linked to everyone's personal network. In fact, this is not the case, we are waiting for any official updates from the American company to understand if it is a technical failure or a cyber attack by haker.

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