Will E3 2022 take place online? Jeff Grubb talks about the alleged cancellation

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Although there was talk of the possibility of an online event, theE3 2022 It might have been erased completelyJeff grubb, in a recent one of his TikTok also published on YouTube, portends the possibility that the most anticipated gaming event of the year could not even be online.

As we have already discussed in this article, the possibilities of an online event, according to what was anticipated by theEntertainment Software Association (ESA), they may vanish altogether. After his first cancellation in 2020 due to the spread of the pandemic, E3 subsequently took place only so online in 2021.

Unfortunately, apparently, the cancellation will not only be of the event in attendance, but could also have interrupted the preparations for the streaming mode. Furthermore, the absence of such an important event as E3, which suffered a severe blow due to the pandemic and the spread of Omicron variant, could affect the organization of the Game Summer Fest as Grubb states.

Once again the Covid-19 it has brought many events like this to their knees, with the restrictions and the spread of infections that have certainly not helped. However, not all has been lost as other events are on the way: to find out more, just take a look at this article, given Jeff Grubb's other predictions other than what concerns the E3 2022 event.

Even if, for the moment, there are no official confirmations in this regard, the idea of ​​E3 canceled completely as in 2020 does not portend positive consequences for the future. This famous event, which has allowed both large companies in the sector and small developers to present their titles for many years, now risks finding itself in serious difficulty.

Although the cancellation of E3 may be bad news as it is one of the most anticipated events, this year a lot of news awaits us thanks to many new titles coming out. To find out more about what's new for this 2022, take a look at this article.

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