Will GTA Vice City replace GTA 3 as a free game on PlayStation Now?

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The recent remastered of the first chapters of GTA, namely the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition was released a few months ago on digital and physical stores around the world, and at the same time some chapters included in the collection such as GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas have also arrived on the subscription services of Sony and Microsoft, respectively for the PlayStation Now and for the 'Xbox Game Pass, with Vice City left out. However, it seems that there are important ones changes coming.

In fact, according to some recently published rumors, it seems that very soon, maybe even next month, GTA Vice City could go to replace GTA 3 regarding the free title offered at no additional cost with the PlayStation Now subscription.

It is also likely that the product may remain in Sony's service catalog until May 2022, even if we do not know if at that point it will in turn be replaced or not with another chapter of the trilogy, perhaps Sant Andreas, even if it seems unlikely given the agreements with Microsoft.

However, as always, we recommend that you take this information with a grain of salt because it is the result of rumor and may change in whole or in part at any time. So for now, and until further notice, it is better to wait for one concrete answer from Sony or Rockstar Game that it can deny or confirm the affair.

Looks like GTA vice city the definitive edition is coming to PlayStation now next month. Will be on the service until may 22nd #psnow #playstationplus #ps4 #ps5 #gtavicecity #GTAdefinitiveedition #PSPlus #playstionnow pic.twitter.com/g5K4d6NV81

— Billy Allen ⭐⭐ (@billyallen88) January 25, 2022

It looks like the definitive edition of GTA Vice City will arrive on PlayStation next month. It will be in service until May 22

Of course, if the news were confirmed, it could trigger various types of reactions with fans of one or the other title who could be happy or disappointed by the potential replacement. After all, both Vice City and the third installment of the GTA saga are milestones of the gaming world, with a truly impressive quality of the originals.

Too bad that the attention to detail typical of Rockstar was not applied also on the occasion of this remastered, which as you probably already know, received countless criticisms by players and critics from around the world due to many technical problems.

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