Will Meta reveal the successor to Quest 2 in the next event?

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Meta just announced that the Goal Connect 2022 will be held the11 October, and maybe we can finally take a look at his neighbor headset VR: Project Cambria.

While this year's Meta Connect may not be as exciting as last year's event - which saw the company announce its bold ambitions on the Metaverse and change its name from Facebook to its current one - it should give us a best look at the successor of Oculus Quest 2 of Meta, the so-called VR Project Cambria headset.

It is worth noting that although Meta did not explicitly say that Cambria - which will most likely be officially called quest-pro - will be present at the event, it was strongly suggested.

For starters, at Connect 2021 Meta has promised that Cambria will launch in 2022, or a few months after the end of the fair. Add to this this year's promise to give attendees “a glimpse of what's to come in the near and distant future” for his ambitions on the Metaverse, we can safely imagine Cambria will have some space on stage.

But that is not all. Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, anticipated that in October we will see Meta's “next VR headset” during an appearance at Joe Rogan Experience, a well-known American podcast; also, in a post on Zuckerberg's Facebook page that reads "See you at Meta Connect on October 11", we see him wearing a mysterious VR headset that doesn't look at all like a Quest 2, but the rendering of Project Cambria that Meta shared in 2021.

So, it's pretty much guaranteed that Meta will show its next VR headset during the October event. But will Apple be able to beat it on time?

Source: TechRadar
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