Will Nintendo Switch 2 arrive in 2023? Clues from the company

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A console that follows in the footsteps of Nintendo Switch (therefore a phantom Nintendo Switch 2, more powerful and with better features) has been expected by fans for some time, but no hints of it have appeared on the horizon yet.

According to some recent data, and coming from Nintendo itself, however, many have begun to hope that the gaming platform will arrive very soon. perhaps as early as 2023. What has been analyzed to arrive at such a conclusion are the costs of raw materials that the company is buying and that, during 2022, are revealing themselves much higher than in previous years. Although the pandemic has put a forced brake on purchases and the very availability of raw materials, Nintendo is spending much more than it did even before the arrival of Covid-19.

This year he has, in fact, spent so far double what was done in 2019, the year that gave the gaming market Nintendo Switch Lite, restoring full portability between the ranks of Nintendo consoles. Going further back in time, the results don't change. As we move away from 2019, costs decrease, making 2022 a year of big spending with ben 66,517 million yen hitherto used in raw materials. In 2019 the figure was 32,432 million yen, while in 2018 it was only 10,336 million yen.

Such a huge expense could be the signal of production of a new console, which could be launched on the market in 2023, a year in which major releases are also expected from the point of view of the titles. The amount of raw materials that Nintendo is buying and the figures spent could, however, also be one preventive measure to cushion inflation or stock market problems, creating a kind of lifesaver to avoid going at a loss.

It cannot be denied, however, that Nintendo Switch is now several years old, and the gaming world travels very fast. A more powerful platform (the long-awaited Nintendo Switch 2), which does not take away space from Nintendo Switch but gives players a new chance, would certainly be well received by the public.

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