Will PlayStation reveal the answer to Xbox Game Pass next week?

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It is no longer a mystery that PlayStation has been looking for months to develop a Sony-made alternative to the critically acclaimed Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft home service that allows its subscribers to play a catalog of over one hundred titles under the payment of a monthly subscription.

E, according to Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist known for anticipating a series of moves by various software and hardware houses, e da Takashi Mochizuki, his colleague in the US newspaper, it would be a matter of days.

The line up of titles that will be available at launch is not yet known, for obvious reasons, but there is persistent talk of videogame works that have made history of this world in recent years. It will also be a sort of fusion between two services offered by Sony already in recent years, namely PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

These services, however, have not been able to counteract the rival Xbox Game Pass in the least, who knows that with this move, finally, Sony and its PlayStation fail in the enterprise to worry Microsoft. We'll see what happens.

Furthermore, according to the two Bloomberg reporters, who spoke of "people close to the project" the new service should not include Sony's big exclusives in the day one catalog. A different choice of strategy than Microsoft which, in recent months, has often and willingly introduced its exclusives in the Xbox Game Pass catalog from day one.

The possible subscription costs are not even known. But if what Schreier and Mochizuki's source reported turns out to be true, it doesn't take long to find out and get a general idea of ​​this very interesting move by Sony.

Meanwhile, Sony's acquisitions continue unabated: a few days ago, in fact, the news of the purchase of Haven Studios has arrived, software house founded by Jade Raymond last year.

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