Will Silent Hill 2 Remake be a Bloober Team PlayStation exclusive?

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After the latest news who saw Bloober Team in agreement with Sony, and the rumors that rumored that it was behind it the development of a new Silent Hill, now some rumors are back even louder according to which Bloober Team would be working on a remake of Silent Hill 2.

Sharing these rumors is the Twitter user NateTheHate2, who writes on his profile:

Bloober Team at work on Silent Hill 2 Remake, new background. It will be a PlayStation timed exclusive, there would be several projects on Silent Hill, including new games and spin-offs. But nothing has been confirmed, I'm just reporting what I heard.

-Bloober Team working on Silent Hill 2 Remake. Reworked puzzles. New Endings. Timed PlayStation Console Exclusive

-Multiple Silent Hill projects in development; including new mainline entry & side "stories"

Not confirmed. Just sharing what I've heard pic.twitter.com/eZJDQu9qKY

— NateTheHate2 (@NateTheHate2) May 15, 2022

As we well remember, there has been a lot of news in recent days and the rumors that revolved around this horror saga, starting with the ban on Twitter of the user Dusk Golem, who had shared some alleged game images.

However, the insider did not give up and went on to report news about an alleged Silent Hill chapter in development:

Honestly, people have no idea what crazy adventure they will find themselves in in the new Silent Hill, there is so much more than people can even imagine.

It could be wonderful, or it could be a disaster. However, what I am aware of makes me on the one hand enthusiastic and optimistic, but on the other hand it also makes me a little worried and curious to find out how things will evolve.

The rumors that follow one another around Silent Hill, especially in this period, would not be few and right or wrong (we will find out over time) everything is almost always compared to the name of Bloober Team.

Either way, we would like to remind our readers that nothing has been confirmed, everything still remains shrouded in mystery. While waiting to be able to offer you new developments, we invite you to stay updated on these pages.

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