Will Skull and Bones be reintroduced in July?

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Unpublished material dedicated to the game Skull and Bones Ubisoft could be released within the next week or so, at least according to recent rumors.

This new Skull and Bones indiscretion comes from insider Tom Henderson, who revealed that new game material is expected to be released. in the week starting July 4th. If Tom Henderson's sources have not clearly revealed what will be shown, it seems quite certain that a release date will be set during the new presentation.

The game has recently been rated by several sites, which could indicate that the release date announcement is indeed on the way. This further reinforces the possibility that some news in this regard may arrive early next month.

Ubisoft games they are often subject to leaks that reveal details sooner than expected, and Skull and Bones was no exception. By tying us to that, it doesn't help that either has been in development for many years, not counting the numerous restarts of the project.

Skull & Bones sees Ubisoft Singapore and draws inspiration from the naval battles of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The development of the title started in 2013 and initially conceived as an expansion, then as an MMO spin-off title under the name of Black Flag Infinite. It was later spun off from the Assassin's Creed franchise, becoming in fact an independent project.

A few months ago some leaks hit Skull and Bones, revealing several minutes of title gameplay. Ubisoft responded to that leak hinting that soon there would have been official news about it. However, this happened in April, so it is not clear if a potential revelation was postponed to the alleged period of July, given how much time has passed since the aforementioned leak.


In any case, Ubisoft hasn't officially announced any Skull and Bones event yet o a release date for the title in question.

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