Will Sony's “Xbox Game Pass” offer games from day one? Speak Phil Spencer

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Sony may be working on a competing service of Xbox Game Pass di Microsoft. The CEO Phil Spencer took the floor on the matter, as it had long been expected that the multinational would follow in the footsteps of the advantageous rival service.

Some details about the possible PlayStation service reportedly surfaced last December, catching on a week ago on the web. The information had been released by Bloomberg colleagues, who had talked about a certain playstation spartacus, along the lines of the Xbox Game Pass and ready to revolutionize the services offered by the Sony home console.

Phil Spencer stated:

I don't mean that it looks like we have everything ready, but I think the right answer is to allow our customers to play as many games as they want, where they want to play them and giving them the choice of how to structure their library. We want to be transparent about what our plans are in terms of PC initiatives, cross-gen management and other things.

I don't consider it as a definitive confirmation, when I talk to our teams it seems to me more an inevitable thing. So we have to keep innovating and competing, because what we are doing could give us many advantages in the market.

I like it because it feeds our energy on what the next steps might be to work on, as we continue to build on the things we have done in the past as well. I think the right answer is to create fantastic games, playable on PC and consoles, save on the cloud, making them available from the first day of the subscription. I expect that will be what our competitor will do as well.

This eventual service, codenamed Spartacus, could combine current services PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, gradually absorbing the latter. The service might be set to 3 different payment levels and, according to information leaked in December, be released this spring, in a few months, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The first level of payment would include i benefits of existing PlayStation Plus, such as a catalog of monthly titles available to users free of charge and an online service included. The second tier would offer a larger catalog of games, although not first-party titles at launch.


The third and more complete level would add to the previous ones extended demos, streaming of games and one extensive library of classic PlayStation titles. Phil Spencer claimed that an Xbox Game Pass-like service for Sony was unavoidable. He expects them to be made available on the first day all versions of the offer.

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