Will Suikoden be announced by Konami instead of Metal Gear Remastered?

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When it comes to Konami and special events like the Tokyo Game Show 2022 it is easy to indulge in the fantasies of possible announcements related to the immense catalog of the company and in this sense the renewal of the brand Suikoden it might suggest some upcoming news about it.

In truth, as we all know, it is very easy to be disappointed as Konami has retired almost all of its historical brands in recent years. Despite this, Konami has in fact renewed the Suikoden trademark in recent days and fans' hopes of seeing a new chapter in the series are therefore more intense than ever.

However, it must be specified that most of the time such a move is simply one standard precautionary procedure for renewing trademark rights before they expire, and the fact that it took place a short distance from Japan's largest gaming themed fair it could be a mere coincidence.

On the other hand, it is not excluded that there may really be some initiative concerning the series, even simply a remastered of some of the most important titles in the franchise. Suikoden is an RPG with some peculiar characteristics (first of all the huge amount of characters that can be enlisted) that have made it particularly loved and remembered by the players.

It must be said that, as reported by Konami itself, the publisher seems destined to announce a new game based on "a much loved series", so Suikoden could be among the possibilities, even if many think that such announcement may relate to Silent Hill. Wanting to find a clue, it can be said that the person called to announce this new game seems to be Yuki Kaji, who was part of the cast of voice actors in three chapters in the series.

According to other speculations, however, this announcement could be about Metal Gear Solid, on whose series rumors have been circulating for years now. We just have to wait for Tokyo Game Show 2022 to get official information about it.

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