Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that weren't there before

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that weren't there before

Hotkeys make our life easier. In Windows, there are thousands of hotkeys you can use to get anywhere faster. Windows 10 also released numerous hotkeys that weren't present in previous versions of Windows like Windows 7/8 / 8.1, etc. Below are the keyboard shortcuts you need to know if you are using Windows 10.

Windows 10 hotkey list

Windows key + q

Pressing Windows + Q immediately takes you to the search box. If cortana is installed, it will take you to search for cortana; otherwise it will take you to normal search. You can start the search immediately after pressing the Windows key + q while the cursor is highlighted in the search bar.

Windows key + i

Pressing Windows key + i Quickly takes you to the Windows 10 Settings application. The Settings application is like a mini control panel of settings other than the settings accessed in previous versions of Windows.

Windows + E: Open File Explorer.

Ctrl + Maiusc + 6: If it is on the desktop, it immediately switches all icons to the list view. To go back, right-click on the desktop and you see the medium icons.

Alt + F4: Displays the shutdown menu in Windows.

Windows key + A

Pressing the Windows key + a immediately opens the Action Center, displaying notifications about updates, emails or any new notifications, depending on your Windows 10 settings.

Windows key + left arrow key e Windows key + right arrow key

Windows key + left places your application on the left and similarly Windows key + r places your application on the right.

Windows key + g

By pressing the Windows key + g, you will access the game bar, where you can start recording the game screen.

Shortcuts on the virtual desktop

Virtual desktops are a new innovation in Windows 10. It's for the kind of multitasker who tries to open so many browsers and applications at once and mess them up (a lifesaver for someone like me). In this case, they can switch to a new virtual desktop and start a new set of things all over again. Going back to the previous virtual desktop, you will find all your applications, browsers, and URLs as they are.

keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys for virtual desktop in Windows 10

Tasto Windows + Ctrl + D

Using the hotkey above, you simply create a new virtual desktop and find it there
Tasto Windows + Ctrl + F4

Pressing the previous key closes the current virtual desktop that you currently have open.
Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Windows key + Ctrl + Right

Move the virtual desktop left or right.

Tasto Windows + TAB

Windows key + tab takes you to the virtual desktop activity view. You can click on any virtual desktop thumbnail to access it later.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that weren't there before

New CMD hotkeys in Windows 10

At the Windows 10 command prompt, you can use the popular CTRL + C and CTRL + V commands to cut and paste command lines. Isn't that good news or is he lazy?

Download the full set of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts


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