Windows 11, a video shows it in action on smartphones

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of PC operating system at an event that was only streamed online last week but there has already been a lot to say and tell about it. Windows 11 will support Android applications and the first Insider Preview is already available for download, while many users have already complained about the requirements needed to be able to upgrade from Windows 10 for free or install on a new PC.

In all this general fuss, however, there was a news that certainly made us smile and that we have shared with you in the last few days: a developer has managed to install and use Windows 11 on an old man Nokia Lumia 950 XL! The same user has now posted a video showing him in action.

Windows 11, a video shows it in action on smartphones

Il Nokia Lumia 950 XL It was one of the latest smartphones to be announced with the mobile version of Windows 10 on board and it was also the brand's latest smartphone to be launched on the market under Microsoft's wing.

It is therefore not surprising that fans have wanted to try to bring the new version of Windows, which improves use via touch and it has many aspects of the UI that could be useful on a small display, even on this product that did not achieve the desired success at its time.

"It all started in earnest 5 years ago, when Windows 10 Mobile was close to becoming obsolete," he said Gustav Monce speaking with colleagues from The Verge. Monce collaborated with Bingxing Wang, a fellow engineer, to bring the idea of ​​running Windows in full version to Windows Mobile smartphones to life.

"As time went by and we started talking about it, discussion groups formed and we took turns having a community of people interested in running full Windows 10 on the Lumia 950," he continued. "We are now practically a team of about 15 people and we have made a lot of progress".

Fonte: Lumia WOA Project
Windows 11, a video shows it in action on smartphones

Windows 11 it fits surprisingly well with the 5,7-inch display, but the same cannot be said for the speed of the system. While Windows 11 is usable on the Lumia 950 XL, it doesn't seem like something you'd want to install on your personal smartphone. The team has brought and reengineered the drivers to run Windows 11 on a Windows Phone and it has some too writings of their own.

However, not everything works correctly. The cameras are off limits, the battery doesn't last very long, and calls or text messages occasionally stop working due to changes in Microsoft's operating system. It's more a project designed to pass the time and see how far engineers and developers can push the devices that Microsoft has abandoned.

This does not mean that other parts of the system seem to work quite well and seem almost designed to fit even these "small devices".

We leave you to the video in question, let us know in the comments what you think!

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