Windows 11, fixed the bug that blocked the upgrade from Windows 10

Microsoft has announced the elimination of a known bug that prevented some users from doing so l’upgrade da Windows 10 a Windows 11. It appears that the culprit of the problem was Internet Explorer 11. In fact, there was still a compatibility mechanism that involved importing data from IE11 to Microsoft Edge, the new default browser of the giant of Redmond.

Microsoft has fixed a bug that created, in fact, problems in the import procedure, effectively preventing some Windows 10 users who still used Internet Explorer 11 as their default browser from upgrading to the new operating system arrived on 25 October of last year.

Will Microsoft Edge be able to win the hearts of users?
Windows 11, fixed the bug that blocked the upgrade from Windows 10

The fix came with the version 99.0 di Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft explained on the official Windows 11 documentation, although users may have to wait up to 48 hours before you can upgrade to Windows 11 with the update 21:2 am.

Meanwhile, Microsoft reminds users that Internet Explorer 11 support will cease in June 2022, when it will be removed from some versions of Windows 10 to be replaced by the Microsoft Edge browser, based on Chromium.

However, older apps and websites that still rely on Internet Explorer will still be supported by Edge, which offers a built-in feature known as IE mode.

The appointment, therefore, is for June 15 2022, from this day, in fact, Internet Explorer will be disabled and, trying to start the app, it will redirect the user directly to Edge.

Will the Internet Explorer 11 bug fix get other users to upgrade to Windows 11? In many still prefer Windows 10, although the update 22:2 am, formerly known as Sunvalley 2, promises to make Windows 11 even more interesting, for example due to native support for Android app. Probably, to date, the effect is missing WOW, and the differences with Windows 10 are not yet so marked as to justify an upgrade. In the business environment, among other things, the prevailing trend is that of just wait for the 22H2 update, therefore it remains to be seen whether in the coming months Windows 11 will be able to conquer a new slice of users or not.

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