Windows 11 still doesn't convince, users prefer Windows 10

It's been about seven months since Microsoft released its new Windows 11 operating system, offering it in the form of free update to all Windows 10 users. As with any new Windows release, the people of enthusiasts divided on several fronts, with what appears to be the majority deeply skeptical of the new operating system.

As you already know, many have turned up their noses reading the very stringent minimum requirements needed for Windows 11, which even seem like a stretch since it is possible to easily bypass them and install Windows 11 on unsupported PCs, resulting in a system where, watermark aside, Windows 11 runs just fine.

In the past we had already analyzed some reports to understand the spread of Windows 11 and the results were quite clear: almost no diffusion in the business environment (even behind Windows 8 and XP) e less than 10% in the gaming and consumer sectors. Almost 6 months after the first report we can repeat the data analysis, but the surprises are few.

How are Windows users distributed | Credit: AdDuplex
Windows 11 still doesn't convince, users prefer Windows 10

The data contained in an AdDuplex report indicates that users prefer to stay on Windows 10, with only 20% of the total analyzed making the leap to the new Windows. as for Windows 10, about the 28% of users use the latest version available, the 21:2 p.m. while the 26% remained at the previous version (but still fully supported) 21H1. Sharing the remaining 25% are previous versions of Windows 10 such as 20H2, which will be out of support starting next month.

AdDuplex also places an emphasis on growth rate of the various versions of Windows in circulation, indicating + 7% of users who switched from previous versions of Windows 10 to 21H2 gnawing shares to the others, while Windows 11 has been essentially stable at 20% for several months.

If the framework currently does not seem to be the best for the latest OS from Microsoft, the situation worsens by analyzing the monthly report from Valve, the Steam Hardware Survey, which reports Windows 11 as installed on the 16% of the PCs analyzed. Growth is only 1.6% and is significantly slower than what Windows 10 did back in 2015.

April's Steam Hardware Survey for Microsoft OS | Credit: Valve
Windows 11 still doesn't convince, users prefer Windows 10

Despite these figures, we hope that Windows 11 will enjoy widespread use in the future. Perhaps the introduction of some technologies such as Direct Storage which will allow faster loading of games, or the ability to run Android apps, will push users to forget about the much-contested minimum requirements or strange ideas, such as advertising in Explorer, finally switching to the new OS from Microsoft.

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