Windows 11, the Your Phone app changes: here's the news

The application Your phone (Your Phone, in the English version) was made several years ago by Microsoft for connect Windows 10 PCs to Android smartphones. The app, over time, has recorded several updates and is now ready for a new and important update. Your phone, in fact, is preparing to change its name by becoming Phone Link.

Furthermore, with the update, the application is also renewed as regards the design, adopting lines more consistent with the language of Windows 11. With the restyling of the application, the section that includes the main links (to messages, photos, apps, etc.) has been moved to the top. The notifications section of Your Phone / Phone Link has also been revised with the aim of making it clearer and more usable.

Windows 11, the Your Phone app changes: here's the news

The companion app also changes its name which, with the next update, will be called Link to Windows. In the future, with the upcoming Windows 11 update, Microsoft will introduce a system for connect the smartphone to the Phone Link app of a Windows PC via QR Code, further speeding up the configuration procedure. Combined with the use of app Android su Windows 11, the new Phone Link aims to become a reference for users.

Note that Microsoft, with this update, is preparing to bring the new Phone Link app to China too thanks to a partnership with Honor, an increasingly relevant brand on the market. The arrival in China should ensure a rapid growth in the number of users of the now ex app Your phone which, even for the foreseeable future, will continue to be a very convenient app for synchronizing smartphones and PCs and maximizing productivity.

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