Wo Long: The soulslike from the creators of Nioh will have a demo

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The studio's next action-RPG Nioh Team Ninja, titled Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, will have one Free demo due out before the game launches next year, as announced by the same development team.

In case you missed the announcement and reveal trailer, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the result of a collaboration between Fumihiko Yasuda (Nioh) Masaaki Yamagiwa (Bloodborne), and the work will bear the signature of the aforementioned Team Ninja.

As you might expect, given the pedigree of these two creatives, the game it has been described as a soulslike similar to Nioh. Unlike the latter though, the action will take place in feudal China and follow an unnamed militia soldier fighting for survival in a haunted dark fantasy version of the late Han dynasty, which occurred in the real world from 947 to 951.

Since the reveal, no other details have been revealed about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but a new tweet posted on the game's official Twitter account revealed several tempting curiosities, including the arrival of a "playable demo in the near future. ".

Character creator✔
Challenging gameplay✔
New morale system✔
Weapons used with Chinese martial arts✔
Famous warlords from the Three Kingdoms✔
Creatures & fiends from Chinese mythology✔
Online multiplayer✔
Gameplay trial in the near future✔#WoLongFallenDynasty pic.twitter.com/z3DLlM1IqR

— Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (@WoLongOfficial) July 28, 2022

Character editor, challenging gameplay, new morale system, weapons used in martial arts, famous warlords of the Three Kingdoms, creatures and demons from Chinese mythology, witchcraft, online multiplayer and a playable demo in the near future.

Additionally, Team Nina has confirmed that the game will have a new moral system, for an challenging gameplay, presence of witchcraft it's a online multiplayer mode, in addition to the presence of references to Chinese mythology.

To conclude, we remind you that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be launched in early 2023 su PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S e Xbox One. Il titolo will also be available on the Game Pass service starting on launch day.

Source: Twitter
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