Wreckreation announced, presented the mix between Need For Speed ​​and Trackmania

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Today THQ Nordic has announced a new four-wheeled title, which already from the first images and the video shown seems to promise incredible adrenaline: it is Werckreation, developed by the studio Three Fields Entertainment, a team that includes none other than some of the creators of automotive video games of the caliber of Burnout and Need For Speed.

Wreckreation looks like the union perfect between run and create, where these characteristics (thanks to the denominated "live mix“) Come together in one thing: yes, players and their friends will be able to build and alter tracks even while they are running through them, perhaps adding parts, placing ramps to jump and so on.

In addition to the video - which speaks for itself, and which we propose on the cover of the article - THQ Nordic also revealed other interesting features of Wreckreation. First of all, the environment: our home will be nothing less than 400 square kilometers of space, which we will use to live “the ultimate sandbox racing experience”. The world, the MixWorld, can be freely drawn with the free view, and as already anticipated we will be able to place jumps, obstacles, loops, road sections, off-road and more.


The features of the game are presented as varied, for example we will find ourselves scoring different types of records, where in addition to obtaining the best time, we will also be called to drift challenges, touch, jump, accidents and more.

From the presentation trailer, if you are accustomed to the genre, you will certainly have noticed some similarities in the concept with two titles in particular, namely Need For Speed ​​for the car component, and Nadeo's Trackmania for the construction, the madness, and the general mood. , but with the complete novelty of the massive physical damage.

From how it was presented to us, it is also clear how much the Customization is one of the focuses: for example, we will be able to modify our racing cars with colors, wheels, turbo flames, engine sound, glass color and so on. It does not end here, because apparently we will also have the opportunity to put our hand to the music! In fact, we can choose to listen to one of the radios, or use a playlist imported from Spotify Premium.

The release date is not yet known of Wreckreation, but we know that it will be available both for PC, both for the consoles of the old generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and for the consoles of the current PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series family. Let's get ready, because we will most likely see some good ones!

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