WWE 2K22 - Review, a good reason to return to the ring

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To step into the ring for today's main event is the review of WWE 2K22, which marks the return of the series dedicated to World Wrestling Entertainment, which had been missing for about two years from the shelves. THEthe disaster that was WWE 2K20, made it clear that we had to take a step back and rebuild the experience from scratch, or almost. Now, after all this time, the title is ready to make its comeback, and also does it on new generation console: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series, without forgetting PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now 2K wanted to create a title that will please all fans of the series, combining already known mechanics, but always looking to the future.

The generational bridge

From the start of WWE 2K22 it is immediately clear that the game wants to remember the whole history of wrestling with an overview, from Andre the Giant to modern favorites. Once finished, you will be asked if you would like to take the tutorial, which we strongly recommend you do regardless of your skill in this title. Waiting for you will be the WWE Superstar Drew Gulak, which will explain to you the basics of hand-to-hand combat: combos, holds, special and final moves. It's important to follow the tutorial mainly because this new title takes a lot from the older titles in the franchise, so it's best to brush up on how to do it.

Especially as regards the striking (punches and kicks, ed) we see a little more complexity, given that there are light and heavy attacks, and the same goes for the holds. But of course it is striking will be your main weapon and learn a immediately chain heavy or light blows it is definitely important to do not give breath to your opponent. This division between heavy and light comes directly from the classic fighting games, so if you combine them with the holds it is really possible to be able to put the enemy on the ropes easily, damaging the various parts of the body to be able to obtain the "three" that concludes the pinfall.

As for the holds, it feels a bit like you're back in the old SmackDown vs. Raw, because you will always have to go through the clinch phase, before choosing which hold to do. In case you don't know what the clinch is: it is that moment where the two fighters are in the grip phase and look for the right position with arms and hands to start a grappling move, is often seen in Greco-Roman wrestling, judo or mixed martial arts. After "grabbing" your opponent and closing the clinch, you will have to choose whether to perform a heavy, light hold, an Irish whip or hit him in a combo, but be careful: if the artificial intelligence guesses the button you pressed, it will reverse the situation.

Also count that it is possible to escape from some holds or avoid some hits, but as for the first ones, this is too small a number, unfortunately. Not everything therefore has a way out, which can be particularly annoying, since an opening is enough to be able to suffer constant and impossible to avoid attacks. So we can say that Much of WWE 2K22's gameplay is based on timing and reaction time, the first to guess at the right time the opponent's move, and the second because you must always be ready to press the key that appears on the screen, it is usually always the same, but it will appear only for a few moments.

An aspect that unfortunately has not been improved at all, concerns the matches with more wrestlers involved, such as the Tag Team. This is because the AI ​​will always prevent you from finishing the match and after a while it becomes very frustrating, because you have to remember to throw the second opponent out of the ring, before trying to close. In the team fights and also more complicated, since when you try to do it, you risk wasting time and getting the Superstar back up. The use of weapons is also particularly inconvenient, especially when they are removed and they get stuck under the corner, making it impossible to pick up.

Game modes, between past and present

WWE 2K22 game modes are seeing a major comeback, such as MyGM, but also the My Faction, My Ascent e . Let's start with the latter, which involves the creation of your own Superstar, and the customization is decidedly detailed: you can change every single aspect of your Superstar, including clothing to wear on stage and in the ring. So you can waste a lot of time and always have a satisfying result.

La narrative changes based on the gender of your wrestler, and between NXT, Raw e S there are about 20 stories to be experienced based also on the alignment: good or villain. This will be chosen based on the matches in which you participate, yes, because you will hold the reins of your story. Very nice integration of a fake social network, which can unleash particular events that will come solved always and only in the ring… Or in a parcheggio. Unfortunately not following a straight line, it can sometimes be boring to have to choose from time to time. It would have been much nicer to have a more linear storyline as it happened in the old and dear SmackDown vs. Raw 2006.

If you prefer to be a General Manager, the MyGM mode is the one for you, and you can also choose between well-known GMs: take on the role of Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon o Sonya deville, or create your own. Each will have skills that can be used to make the best show WWE has ever seen. Obviously you will have to have the best Superstars and create the rivalries that will be resolved in the ring, so that they increase the income, because in the end the purpose is to be able to have the as much money as possible, so you can get contracts signed and create new alliances, rivalries and much more. The seasons have a limit of 15, 25 or 50 weeks, this is because this mode unfortunately does not have a real depth like the old modes and some "minor" belts are missing, like the one dedicated to couples. So in the end you will be forced to always pit the same fighters.

My Faction is none other than NBA 2K's “My Team”, but with wrestlers. You will need to create your own faction through the use of cards and envelopes to be obtained, so as to be able to improve and show everyone who is the strongest. There are also offline modes, so you can have fun regardless of the desire to get involved online, but you must always have it, as the title will always require you to download content.

The last game mode is Showcase: a kind of story mode that it's about Rey Mysterio's career, the wrestler featured on the title cover and who - especially in Spain - is famous for rivalry and friendship with Eddie Guerrero, a wrestler from El Paso who died in 2005. It will start from 1997 and will arrive at today, so as to review a bit the whole career of the luchadore, going through rivalries, hard times and victories. All interspersed with moments of in-game action and real videos. A really interesting and fun mode that shows 25 years of history of a fighter who has seen the world of WWE change.

But are there still bugs?

Many WWE 2K22 fans are waiting for this part of the review, for sure. This is because the technical sector of the latest game available, WWE 2K20, had a number of glitches and bugs that made it completely unplayable. Is this also the case this time? The answer is no, but there are still some small glitches, especially when it comes to the models, but they are not so serious as to make the title unplayableIndeed, they are almost fun to watch, but they are a problem that Visual Concepts can easily fix with a patch. Some of these glitches involve leg tremors during clinch and when grabbing close to the ropes and falling out of the ring, you will sometimes “float” during the fall animation. That's all.


The game's roster is not as up-to-date, but this reflects a real WWE problem, so it's nothing to blame for the developers, which it could be. the lack of more songs to accompany the player during their raids. Each song is enjoyable and belongs to different musical genres, but there are so few that you can hear them all during a single gaming session. The sound effects are really well equalized and manage to give depth to the hits and falls that Superstars will do in and out of the ring.

So, at this point of the WWE 2K22 review, can we recommend the purchase of the game? Our answer is yes, if you are a true fan of the game o if you like a good fighting game. Unfortunately, despite the progress made by the developers, it remains a game just above the sufficiency and that does not scream a miracle. On his side he has a factor that, however, could make you spend hours playing, especially if in company: the divertissement.

  • WWE 2K22 (Tested on XBX / S) 7.3 Final grade

    Visual Concepts and 2K wanted to demonstrate with WWE 2K22 that they soon have the right path towards the return to glory. Although we are not talking about a title that screams miracle and there are still some gaps, especially in the MyGM mode, it is a title to be awarded and that exceeds the sufficiency. The combat system is better, there are modes that come from the old SmackDown vs. Raw, but with the title that now points to the future ... and it is doing it the right way, as it offers hours and hours of fun, whether you like fighting games or are WWE fans.

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