Xbox Game Pass: announced the first free games of March 2022

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This month's free games have been revealed regarding theXbox Game Pass: this March will in fact be full of interesting titles, among which undoubtedly one of the leading titles of video games of this generation dedicated to superheroes stands out. However, this is not the only gem, because those who can make the most of cloud games and who want to make less use of the memory of their console, will now have access to Microsoft Flight Simulator in the cloud.

As usual, not all games will be available immediately (March 10st sees the arrival of only his titles), but all will be made available no later than the XNUMXth of the month.

Below is the complete list of free games for March with their respective dates, revealed directly by Xbox on the official website:

Microsoft Flight Simulator (cloud) | already available |
Far: Changing Tides (cloud+console+PC) | già disponibile |
Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (cloud+console+PC) | 10 marzo |
Kentucky Route Zero (cloud+console+PC) | 10 marzo |
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (console+PC) | 3 marzo |
Lawn Mowing Simulator (console)| 10 marzo |
Young Souls (cloud+console+PC) | 10 marzo |

As we anticipated, the two flagship titles turn out to be the Guardians of the Galaxy and Flight Simulator, but many of you may also be intrigued by the other very interesting titles, such as that Lightning Returns which few have had the opportunity to give it a chance. .

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy has been incredibly received by critics, as not only has he managed to please players from a gameplay point of view, but he has also been victorious in the mission that saw him "obliged" to entertain players even with his style and his charisma, in the full spirit of the most heterogeneous and crazy space team ever.

The new Flight Simulator for its part has proved to be an immense game, and being able to use it in the cloud will give many players a chance to breathe.

These are the free games for March that you can get with the PlayStation Plus and beyond.

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