Xbox Game Pass: Elden Ring and GTA V among the next free Cloud games?

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Many times Microsoft during the year he spoke about his intention to allow Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners to play, through the cloud, the games they own that are not part of the library of theXbox Game Pass. Finally, the moment may have arrived given that, as reported by Twitter user @Knoelbelbroet, the logo of Cloud Gaming Beta appeared on some titles outside the pass.

The games in question are GTA V, Elden Ring e Soul Hackers 2 which, however, once you have tried to start them, still seem to be not ready to start as an error message will appear; this means that the logo may have been added in advance or perhaps by mistake. However, there is no need to despair, the function has been announced and it will probably only be a matter of time before it can be accessible to users.
In recent times, Microsoft has been very active in improving its streaming platform. We recall the enhancement that this year was given to its functions on iOS and soon it seems to be willing to implement the possibility of playing Xbox titles, which now only support controllers and touchscreens, even with mouse and keyboard. At this point, as always, we just have to wait for the next move by the great American company.

Source: Twitter
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