Xbox Game Pass: revealed the new free games of January 2022? [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the January 2022 free games coming to the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Original News - Today's January 2022 free game titles were revealed in theXbox Game Pass, at least according to a leak.

The news was made public on Twitter and obviously it is to be taken with due caution, given that we would like to clarify that there is nothing official. However, the list is very captivating, hoping a little has never killed anyone.

The games in question, as you will also find written in the tweet later, are:

  • Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition
  • Rainbow six extraction
  • Hitman Trilogy
  • Death's Door
  • Nobody Saves the World
  • Pupperazz
  • 2 Windjammers
  • Taikono Tatsusin: The Drummaster
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition

Many of these titles may not thrill in the slightest, but we assure you that some really deserve it. Besides the new Rainbow Six Extraction which will be available on day one and which should inaugurate the new partnership between Microsoft e Ubisoft, there will also be the Hitman Trilogy that will drive all lovers of stealth titles crazy. 

One way or another, Xbox Game Pass also in January 2022 will want to give us something, even if the fans are mainly waiting for the exclusives like Hellblade or Avowed. The second we too can not wait to understand something more, since it is now some time since it went off the radar. On this title, an insider has released some really curious details, to find out, just read our article by clicking here. Still talking about the game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Phil Spencer himself has released some statements stating not to confuse it with Skyrim, as you will have understood you can find more details in the news.  

Regardless of everything, we hope to receive news soon. This month is nearing its end, so it's a matter of time for the January 2022 Xbox Game Pass titles to be officially revealed. We just have to wait a little longer and grit our teeth, fortunately in the streaming service of Microsoft there is so much to play.

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