Xbox Game Pass: The Walking Dead and Valheim among the free games coming soon

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La ID@Xbox Fall Showcase di Microsoft fits into a week full of important presentations, but still manages to stand out thanks toannouncement of the next 10 games coming to the Game Pass. First of all, let's see the  the two that are have already been entered, and it comes to Amazing Cultivation Simulator, a strategic management system based on Chinese culture and folklore, e You Suck at Parking, which launches today directly on the platform and will allow players to engage in daring races to who park first.

In order of release on the Game Pass we find then Metal hellsinger, a metal time shooter where you have to earn the voice of the singers by picking up your own combo, which will arrive on 15 SettembreMoonscars, a very dark atmosphere metroidvenia that will also be included in his Day One, the 27 Settembre. Eville, an Among Us-style game in a medieval setting with swords and various spells, which will arrive in11 October. And these were the games that Microsoft gave us a date of arrival on its platform, let's go and see the others.

For 2023 we will have Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, the sequel to the acclaimed zelda-like released in 2021, and the first of a roundup of Skybound games should arrive the same year Homestead Arcana, a very magical little managerial with a pinch of adventure in the middle. Together with him they were also announced Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the latest in the acclaimed series of graphic adventures, Rainbow Billy, a colorful 2.5D platformer and The Big Con, a graphic adventure starring a teenage rebel from the 90s. To top it all off valheim, the Viking survival inspired by Norse mythology.

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