Xbox is aiming for a future with fewer exclusive games

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In a interview for Bloomberg, Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, did some affirmations that could be interesting for many players. Interviewed on recent Microsoft acquisitions in the world of video games, Phil raised this question:

Maybe you buy an Xbox for your home and I a Playstation and our children want to play together but they can't because we bought them the wrong piece of plastic to stick on the television. […] I believe this will be good for the industry in the long run. And maybe even in the short run, there are people in different companies who don't like [what I say]. But I think once they get over the initial hurdle they will see how the industry can grow.

Phil Spencer already is spent a lot to bring cross-play between Xbox and PC, but these words seem to want to ensure that despite Microsoft having acquired giants like Activision Blizzard, the games coming out of these studies they will not necessarily be Xbox exclusive.

In the same interview Phil argued also hottest issues, as the various complaints received by Activision Blizzard in the last period, question which he solved by saying that the new managers are ready to get to the bottom of the problem. Even the developers they can apparently rest assured, as the CEO assured himself to be ready to cooperate with trade unions. In short, it seems that the change of ownership is going through in a very clean and professional way.

Fonte: Bloomberg Via: Eurogamer
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