Xbox, the prices of games will increase in 2023

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Microsoft confirmed that as of 2023, titles for Xbox Serie X|S, will increase in price, starting with Starfield, Forza Motorsport e redfall. The titles will go up by $10 in North America, after a decade in which players had become accustomed to current prices. The reason is purely economic. According to Microsoft, the costs of developing video games have increased and not even the most important software houses can escape inflation anymore.

This is nothing new for the gaming market, as companies like Sony ed Ubisoft they have already raised their prices. For most users Microsoft, however, the arrival of these increases will be less traumatic, as thanks to Xbox Game Pass they will be able to save considerable sums, playing the best games directly at the exit, thanks to their subscription. The only flaw, the games included in the offer include only the basic package, without any bonus given by pre-orders or special editions.

Phil Spencer, head of section Xbox di Microsoft, had already announced a price increase at the beginning of the year. However, he also stated that prices won't go up before the Christmas holidays, which is great news for those who would like to grab the produce. Xbox to put under the tree. Following the trend of video games, it is possible that the prices of consoles or subscriptions with Xbox Game Pass o Xbox Live they could be victims of increases.

Fonte: IGN Via: Dualshockers
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