Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Collector's Edition will suffer delays

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Earlier this year, in a Nintendo Direct, the Kyoto house surprised many users by officially announcing Xenoblade Chronicles 3presumably due out September 2022, however, it is recent news that the Collector's Edition will suffer delays.

A few weeks ago there was a subsequent announcement, which sent fans into raptures, stating that The release of the game has been anticipated and will see its appearance in stores on July 29, 2022. If you are interested in learning more, we have already covered it in an article that you can read by following this link.

A Collector's Edition was also announced, which as usual would have appeared on the same day as the launch of the basic version of the game, the content of which features illustrations by Masatsugu Saito, a concept art book with over 250 pages, and a steel case for the game cartridge .

Unfortunately, there is bad news regarding that edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, in fact, if the game will see its landing on the shelves on the day of the launch, this will not happen instead for the Collector's Edition, which could therefore be shipped with some delay.

So here we have a quite painful, even though expected, news: the Collector Edition is not going to be delivered on launch. At least in Europe. This screen is from Nintendo UK site, but it's the same in the other nations.
For America is probably the same, but right now not […] pic.twitter.com/noIrWlchTg

— Xenoblade Universe "R-Alpha" (@XenobladeRAlpha) May 14, 2022

As you can read in fact on the official Twitter account there is an announcement that leaves very little room for the imagination, which reads as follows:

If you have pre-ordered Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Collector's Edition, you will receive the game on the day of its official launch on June 29, 2022. The additional content of the Collector's Edition (the steel case for the game cartridge, the book with the concept art and illustrations ) will be shipped separately at a later date (estimated delivery time: Fall 2022). All items will be shipped for free.

For a good news, which was that of the anticipation of the launch date of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a slightly less good news follows that invites users who have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition to put in patience and trust, to obtain the much desired collector's version.

Unfortunately, this situation will not only involve Japan, as Nintendo UK has confirmed that it will be the same, as in Europe. It is currently unknown whether North America will also join the list of countries that will see the collector's edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 delayed.

We await further developments and communications from Nintendo, in the meantime we invite you to stay on these pages so as not to miss any news about it.

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