Xenoblade Chronicles 3: trailer e DLC svelati al Nintendo Direct

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Nintendo held today, June 22, 2022, a new Direct specifically dedicated to the video game Xenoblade Chronicles 3, ready to offer fans of the brand new bread for their teeth, with new details confirmed and with a new trailer, while the announcement of the DLC.

For the most part, we talked about the combat system and the huge open world that the experience will allow Nintendo to live fully, with differences and similarities compared to what we saw with the previous chapters, and also with an in-depth study on all the classes that will be present, as you can admire in the video on the cover of the article.

There was no lack of details relating to the possibility of changing the time and the missions that users will find themselves experiencing when the game is finally released on the day of July 29, 2022.

Confirming the game will be compatible with Amiibo, and that there are no postponements in sight after the title was in fact anticipated by two months (we talked about it in this article), there was a way to discuss the official expansion Pass that will be sold by the giant for well €29,99.

Here is what is officially confirmed for the new pass of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 detailed in Nintendo Direct, with also the dates of availability, while it is emphasized that everything will be included with the purchase:

  • Useful items and color variations for apparel at launch (July 29, launch date)
  • New hero and missions, new character clothing (by April 30, 2023)
  • New story-related content (by the end of next year)

We hope to receive specific new details regarding the new experience and DLC content over the next few months, so hoping that the company has managed to pack a game up to its predecessors, appreciated by many JRPG lovers.

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