Yakuza 8 is reality, first images revealed

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The first images of Yakuza 8 have finally appeared online, revealing that various characters will return from the previous chapter Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

As reported by Famitsu, thanks to a behind-the-scenes video from the YouTuber and MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura, who took a tour of the developer's studio Ryu Ga Gotoku, we were allowed to take a brief look at the heroes of Like a Dragon: Ichiban Kasuga, Koichi adachi e Yu Nanba in the new game.

Reportedly, Yakuza 8 it will be set in a new city and we also learned that Asakura himself would appear as a character in the game.

Furthermore, Kyosuke she had a nice makeover, apparently now showing herself in pictures with her hair tied back instead of her iconic wild hairstyle.


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This is the first correct information we have about Yakuza 8, as it has been confirmed that it will be in development at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio only in November 2021.

The director of the study Masayoshi Yokoyama confirmed a bit already at the time, saying that the new game would be a continuation of the Like a Dragon story set only a few years later, so it makes sense that the protagonists Kasuga, Adachi e Nanba have appeared in this new movie.

We also know that Yakuza 8 will remain a turn-based RPG, after Like a Dragon switched to the genre after 7 action-based Yakuza games.

Yakuza it has always stood out as a series for the difficult understanding that differentiates it: a product that has existed for years and which is enjoying unprecedented success, especially in Japan.

We have seen a radical change that seems to persist in the new as well Yakuza 8, that of the dynamic and fun turn-based role-playing game, introduced in Like a Dragon. There were many news, but changed the combat system and some game options, the soul seems to remain that. At this link you can read the review of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

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