YouTuber Technoblade, famous for Minecraft, has died

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technoblade, famous American YouTuber Minecraft champion, with a well channel 11 million followers, is died at just 23 years old following a rare cancer in the final stage, which he confessed to having a few months ago.

The father published his latest video, entitled "So long nerds", he begins with the heartbreaking words:

Hi everyone, I'm Technoblade. If you are watching this video, it means they are gone.

Technoblade had unveiled his illness in August 2021, after suffering some arm pain that brought to light the terrible diagnosis: a rare connective tissue tumor which severely affects muscles, cartilage, nerves, tendons and blood vessels. In the video shot specifically for the sad event and published post mortem, thanked the fans in a very heartfelt way:

Thanks to all of you for supporting my content over the years. If I had 100 more lives, I think I'd choose to be Technoblade every single time, because these were the happiest years of my life.

Along with his 11 million followers, Technoblade joked about his passion for Minecraft and the fact that, among people who usually talk about serious things, he preferred to laugh and joke while playing the famous title. His real name, Alex, and his face have only been shown now, after his death. Throughout its life, Technoblade always has concealed his identity, but it never bothered his fans. The young influencer had need help of his father to make So long nerds.

Cancer, in fact, had weakened him to the point of not making him self-sufficient. In fact, in the sun eight hours away since the last video was recorded, Technoblade is dead. These background were told by his father, a central figure in the period of Alex's illness, who described the last moments of his son's life and gave the public his last farewell. The movie is one of the most searched in these hours, and at the moment it has already reached nearly 40 million views.

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