Zelda 64: Porting a fan to PC would be almost complete

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The PC port of zelda 64 it would be almost complete, more precisely, the current state of the works would be 90%.

To break the news in a recent interview were the Harbor Masters, a group of community developers who are currently working on the PC port of the classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, which they estimate to be able to release the game already in mid-February.

Much like a fan-made PC version of Super Mario 64 released in 2019, the Zelda port will feature support for more next-generation resolutions, modding, and resources.

These types of operations are legal, given that the developers have not used any leaked content, nor any of the original copyrighted assets of Nintendo.

Harbor Masters developer Kenix said the group started working on the PC port practically as soon as the Ocarina of Time code was completely cracked.

Here is a part of the interview: 

We actually started coding in mid-December last year.

Currently all the logic in the game works pretty much flawlessly. We have some assets that are not properly packaged in the archive, especially skybox, and there are still some graphical errors we are working on. The audio has also not been decompiled yet.

I'd give it around 90%. We were hoping to be complete by mid-February and use about a month until April 1st to perfect the game before release. We hope to have a public repository available in late February.

The news on the matter for today ends here, but we would like to say that the work done with this port of Zelda 64 will not harm Nintendo in the least, which is now dedicated to the launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and which seems to be truly something capable of revolutionizing the series like never before (find more details in our dedicated news).

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