Zenless Zone Zero: new game from the authors of Genshin Impact soon revealed

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hoyoverse, developer of Genshin Impact, a title acclaimed by both gaming critics and gamers themselves, which has even achieved record numbers on mobile, officially announced Zenless Zone Zeroes, his next game.

We are talking about Zenless Zone Zero, revealed through a very cryptic teaser site that suggests, through the calendar visible on the left of the screen, interesting news coming on May 13th.

The site opened over the weekend after the game's official Twitter account came to life.

Dear fellow citizens, a disaster has occurred in the district you are traveling to. We are airing special entertainment to keep you company while you wait for more information.

The teaser site is currently available in two versions, one Chinese and one English, in which you can watch the transmission of two releases. A short segment of news about the disaster in a semi-modern city is visible in one broadcast.

Public security has established a level two containment perimeter, and is currently evacuating residents.

Explains a reporter, implying that these events seem to be considered as natural disasters.

The second transmission is a longer video message, sent by an unknown man, perhaps a member of the same team that Zenless Zone Zero players will join, to fight against these "bubbles" or whatever is inside them. .

OK, long story short we recorded this video as a statement, obviously unofficial.

The image has disturbances, such as electrostatic discharges, among which part of the man's speech can be heard.

Look at these, apocalypse ... curses. Don't believe it. After these will come destruction, the apocalypse, the day of judgment. We are being reborn. You are involved. We need you to take difficult actions, don't back down and step forward. Don't be afraid, even if it seems dangerous, difficult, impossible. Do you understand, right? I'm not alone ... and I'm not ... You can do it, I sound sure. When you are done you can leave. That's all I have to say, if you don't understand don't worry. Until we meet again.

Genshin Impact players are no stranger to dangerous, difficult, and downright nasty missions, however HoYoverse would appear to have something different in mind for Zenless Zone Zero

These teaser messages reveal a paranormal atmosphere, already hinted at when HoYoverse, at the time still called MyHoYo, announced that it was working on a new project, a shooter game, with vehicles and an environmental destruction system.

According to many people, this elusive game could be Zenless Zone Zero.

That mysterious project has been pointed to as the main focus of HoYoverse's new Montreal-based studio, meaning that job announcements at the company's Canadian headquarters could shed light on Zenless Zone Zero.

To start, the study says it will be hiring new staff for the next two years, which suggests that the game could see the light within these two years and be constantly updated in the months to follow. However, currently with hundreds of vacancies not filled yet, Zenless Zone Zero may be a long way from its actual release date.

However, we would like to clarify that in these announcements Zenless Zone Zero is not directly mentioned, but HoYoverse Montreal describes the project as a brand new video game of action and adventure, open world, and triple A.

Various job advertisements mention an environmental destruction system, apparently developed in Unreal Engine, as well as vehicle-related game designs, including driving, are mentioned. An online multiplayer sector is also mentioned, which is not surprising given the multiplayer nature of HoYoverse.

It is possible to assume that Zenless Zone Zero will also be a gatcha game of some kind, but they are only predictions that it is possible to make while waiting for May 13, the day when everything (or almost) could be revealed.

HoYoverse also has another video game in the works, which appears to be closer to launch, in fact, registrations for the second beta of Honkai: Star Rail opened just last month.

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